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G Suite ( Google Apps ) is a powerful collaboration suite that comes with a variety of tools like Email, Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, hangouts for videos, etc.

These tools over the period improved the productivity for many organizations who adopted G Suit for their organizations IT needs.

Several other providers are competing in this space, but G Suite is a pioneer and the most engineered product I have seen.

Get more work done from anywhere on any device with Google Apps for Work. It includes:

  • Google Docs: Collaborate with others on the same document at the same time and avoid version control issues
  • Google Hangouts: Hold meetings without being in the same room – Wave hello, see them smile and gauge their reactions through easy team video meetings with up to 15 people. Hangouts is included with your Google Apps subscription.
  • Google Forms: Get feedback from your customers quickly and easily – What’s your favorite page on your website or sandwich on your menu? Find out by creating a simple online survey using Google Forms. Responses are saved automatically so you can analyse and share them in real time.
  • Gmail: Get an email address with your domain name such as [email protected]
  • Google Drive: Easily share files using online storage
  • Google Calendar: Choose to share your online calendars publicly or just within your company
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Currently there are more than 7 million companies are using G Suite, and I tried exploring other competitive products as well but from my observation G Suite is the best among the cloud-based collaboration tools.

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How to use g suite promo code?

Using the g suite promo code is easy, you just need to apply the given code during the billing, and you get the discount. Follow the below steps to apply promo code


  • Step 1: Login to G Suite admin
  • Step 2: Go to Billing
  • Step 3: Choose country and price
  • Step 4: Choose your plan (flexible or annual)
  • Step 5: Click on Promotion code (as shown in above picture)
  • Step 6: Enter the promo code
  • Step 7: See a success or error message
  • Step 8: Hit continue, the discount will be applied and will be visible in billing